Počet hodin pronájmu Cena za 1 hodinu bez DPH Cena za 1 hodinu s DPH
1 hour CZK 1780 Kc excl. VAT CZK 2153 Kc incl. VAT
2 hours CZK 1280 Kc excl. VAT CZK 1548 Kc incl. VAT
3 – 12 hours CZK 1080 Kc excl. VAT CZK 1306 Kc incl. VAT
rental between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. CZK 2160 Kc excl. VAT CZK 2614 Kc incl. VAT
surcharge for soiling backdrop CZK 1500 Kc excl. VAT CZK 1815 Kc incl. VAT


1 to 6 participants
7 to 10 participants = 20% in addition to the price
11+ participantsů = individually

  • The purpose of rental which is included in the price covers only photo shooting. Other activities are subject to approval.


  • The price includes the rental of 2 Fomei Pro X lights, tripods, softboxes and a wireless trigger. The backdrop is included in the price.


  • Upon booking, the photo studio is available 24/7
  • The rental period is the period that the customer spends in the ordered premises regardless of the actual customer’s activity; i.e. the rental period expressly includes any preparations, settings, adjustment, cleaning, etc.
  • The rental period includes the time spent by checking and receiving the cleaned photo studio (the last 10 minutes of the rental period).
  • The price must be paid in full even when the customer leaves the premises before the end of the rental period.


  • Using an online form
  • The amount paid through the payment gateway does not have to be the final price and may be increased according to the applicable pricelist (number of participants, equipment, etc.)
  • By the payment of the booking fee, the client agrees with the Operating Terms & Conditions of the photo studio
  • Within a single booking, all hours must be booked in the period between the first and last orders
  • Any express booking (made less than 24 hours before the commencement of the use of the studio) must be agreed upon by phone with the studio manager
  • Video recordings, corporate events and bookings for more than 10 participants, as well as bookings for times from 8 p.m. till 8 a.m. must be made by e-mail only in each case


  • If the booking is cancelled more than 48 hours before the photographic or video session, 50 per cent of the booking amount is charged.
  • If the booking is cancelled less than 48 hours before the photographic or video session, 100 per cent of the booking amount is charged.
  • The studio manager reserves the right to unilaterally cancel the booking in the event that the customer breaks any Rule of operation
  • In exceptional cases, such as necessary reconstruction, public holiday, etc., the studio manager reserves the right to transfer the customer’s booking to a different date and time, subject to agreement, or to cancel the booking, while returning the full price paid by the customer


  • In advance through an online payment gateway upon booking using the online booking calendar.
  • By paying online for the booking, the customer agrees with the Rental rules – Operating terms & conditions of the photo studio
  • By bank transfer based on an invoice
  • The client agrees to pay immediately any other costs related to the use of the photo studio and/or equipment to the extent stated in the price terms & conditions (such as number of participants over 6 persons, additional special equipment, etc.).

Rental rules – Operating terms & conditions


  • Photographing or video recording any scenes which may be considered pornographic.
  • Smoking (with the exceptions of cases, when smoking forms a part of the scene and upon previous approval by the studio manager)
  • Making fire or lighting candles; if candles form a part of the artistic scene, this is subject to prior approval of the studio manager.
  • To enter the zone of the seamless backdrop, if not agreed in advance with the studio manager.
  • To tamper in any way with the adjusting system or the fixtures of the paper backdrops
  • To bring in food and drink in containers that cannot be closed (with the exception of studio rental for events).
  • To place food or drinks on the furniture or any props in the photo studio.
  • To do or make anything that may cause damage to the photo studio (sticking anything on walls, touching walls with dirty hands, etc.)
  • Leave children unattended.
  • To transfer or sell to third persons any equipment, furnishing or any parts of the photo studio’s equipment which was provided (rented) for temporary use only.


  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages
  • Using any special efects (smoke, liquids, soap bubbles, confetti, etc.).
  • Photoshooting/recording, during which any contamination or soiling of the studio may occur.
  • Any manipulation with the paper backdrop (only the studio manager may tamper with and adjust the backdrop).


  • In some cases, the studio manager provides customers access to the photo studio only after signing a Rental agreement.
  • The person that books the rent of the photo studio undertakes to make these terms and conditions known to all other participants of the photo shoot or video recording
  • The photo studio does not guarantee the quality of any sound recordings made during the lease of photo studio
  • The photographs or illustrations of the furniture and any interior furnishing or decorations in the studio published on the website, Instagram or Facebook may differ from their actual appearance.
  • The operator of the photo studio bears no responsibility for personal belongings and valuables brought to the premises of the photo studio.
  • Customer (i.e. the person who books the photo studio and signs these rules) is fully responsible for his or her belongings and the customer’s guests and employees, including the equipment rented in the photo studio; the customer must also strictly follow all applicable safety rules and must ensure that such rules are followed by the customer’s employees and guests.
  • By accepting and signing the Rental agreement, the customer agrees and commits to pay for all photographic studio’s services. In default of such payment, the customer will not be allowed to make any further booking.
  • All equipment of the photographic studio is in good condition. By commencing work in the photographic studio, the customer agrees to abide by the Rental rules and operating terms & conditions of the rental and accepts full responsibility for any and events related to the photographic or video session, including their consequences, such as work safety, contractual relations with other participants of the rental, actions of all rental participants, etc.
  • The customer is fully responsible for any damage to or destruction of any equipment, accessories, interior design and any other photographic studio’s property, and must pay any damage at the market price.
  • Upon the end of using the photo studio and any equipment, the customer must return the photo studio and the equipment, if any, in he same condition in which it was received from the photo studio staff, and to pay the full price for any services provided by the photo studio.
  • In the event that cleaning is necessary after the end of the photo shoot or video recording, the customer must inform the studio manager of the fact and to pay the amount of CZK 1000 for the cleaning